healthy 3-ingredient cookies

I’m always looking for something healthy to snack on or to enjoy with my tea or coffee, but I’m incredible inpatient when it comes to baking. Also I’m not a big fan of endlessly Long ingredient lists, so here is my recipe for the easiest, healthiest, but still really really delicious, cookie with just 3 ingredients!

Prep: 5 min.                              Baking time: 15 min.                            Total time: 20 min.

You need:

  • 2 Bananas (medium-sized)
  • 160g oatflakes
  • 70g dried fruit (cranberries fit this recipe well!)
  • (optional) some cinnamon


  1. pre-heat the oven to 180°C
  2. mash the bananas
  3. Combine with the oats
  4. Add the dried fruits
  5. take some of the mess out of the bowl and form little balls, lay them on the baking sheet
  6. press them flat with the back of a spoon
  7. bake for 15 minutes and you’re done!

3-ingredient cookies (1)

enjoy! 🙂


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