Kayla Itsines ‘Bikini Body Guide’: Week 1

About the Bikini Body Guide:

For those of you who don’t know the Bikini Body Guide (BBG): The BBG is a 12-week exercise and training plan by the lovely Kayla Itsines. Kayla is a  23 year old personal trainer from Adelaide Australia. The BBG was created to help women all over the world to achieve a so called ‚Bikini Body‘. This Guide is supposed to give you a lean,healthy body if you stick with it! The progress pictures of Kaylas clients are awesome! The BBG consist of three separate styles of training:

  • Resistance training
  • Cardio training
  • Rehabilitation (stretching)

Resistance training is a 28-minute circuit training session. If you buy the BBG you will get 12 weeks plan with lots of exercises.The exercises change weekly and will get harder as the program advances.

Also you need to do cardio training three times a week. You can choose between 45 Minutes LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) or 15 Minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

The rehabilitation is also very important for the program. Stretching is perfect for recovery and injury prevention.

My first week

So last Monday I bought the BBG by Kayla Itsines, after reading the whole ebook on monday evening I started with the ‘legs & cardio‘- workout on tuesday. I thought this would be exhausting but still doable, because I’m pretty fit BUT it was SO hard! I was drowning in sweat afterwards. I was so sore the next day, I couldn’t even walk up the stairs properly! I’ve done the ‘abs & arms‘ workout on Thursday and the ‘total body‘ workout on Sunday , I didn’t do LISS or HIIT but still did cardio three times (running and Zumba). Also I didn’t do the stretching which was shown in the plan, because I’m doing yoga everyday anyway. So all in all I’ve been sore for the whole week and I swear I feel like (no, actually I know) that this guide will work!

Another thing I would like to mention is that you need some things for the Guide:

  • Medicine ball
  • Bench
  • Mat
  • Weights
  • Bosu ball
  • Jumping rope

I only own a mat, weights, and a jump rope, I found alternatives for the other things, you don’t need all of them.

Also I do not use the nutrition guide by Kayla because it isn’t avaible in a vegan form.

My next update (including before&after photos!) will be in 3 weeks, when I’ve finished week 4, so stay tuned!

Some links:

Kaylas Website

Buy the guide here

Kaylas Instagram  (@kayla_itsines)

follow me through the 12 weeks on instagram: @kimkristinewalk


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