{EN} Bikini Body Guide, Week 6 update – halfway through!

So today I completed half the BBG! Yaaay! I know I said I would post an update at week 4 but school took all my time 😦  Anyway, here’s my week 6 update!

At the beginning I thought it would be hard to stick to the plan for 12 weeks because you need to make time for working out 6 times a week, including cardio, but soon I realized it actually isn’t hard at all, if you stay focused during your workout you can get it done in just 30 minutes, and that seriously isn’t that much, just turn your TV down a bit more. I wrote 3 exams last week and needed to study everyday but still managed to get my workouts and cardio in! That seriously made me proud *highfives myself*

Let’s talk about the workouts itself: I don’t do the recommended HIIT or LISS (see last BBG post for explanation) sessions as cardio, I run 10k twice a week and join a 45 minute Zumba class every thursday, so that’s my cardio. I also skipped the rehabilitation Kayla put in the guide because I’m doing yoga everyday anyway. What I love about the guide is that it won’t get boring, it changes weekly, so you won’t do the same workout two weeks in a row, and I also like that you’re doing the same workout from time to time, that way you can easily see if you’ve improved, and I definitely have! The workouts get harder from week to week, and I get more motivated from week to week, even if I’m not motivated at all I still do the workout, I seriously don’t get why, it’s as if Kayla would magically lift me up, put my sneakers on and throw me on the mat. Until this point I didn’t need to buy any new equipment or needed to do my workout at the gym, I always found substitutes for the equipment I don’t own myself, but I think I’ll have a problem replacing the bosuball, but I sure will find a solution for that.

Seite 2from left to right

I really really really recommend you to follow Kaylas Instagram (@kayla_itsines), she doesn’t only post lots of cute pictures of her dogs, but also posts before and after pictures of girls who use her guide, and they are so motivating! Nearly all girls who comment on her pics are also doing her guide, so her IG is kind of a social network for BBG-Ladies! And if you start doing the guide please don’t forget to take progress pictures, sometimes I look in the mirror and feel as if nothing has changed but if I take a look at my pictures I realize that I actually did. You can see that I look slimmer,  I look healthier, my butt is lifted (at least a bit) and my belly is even flatter than before! I don’t want to lose weight with this guide, I just wanted to look fit, and I think I’m on a good way.

Hintenfrom left to right

Somehow my healthy eating started slipping when I started the guide, by that I don’t mean that I started eating unhealthy stuff all the time, I just had a few pizza dates with my girls, drank more alcohol and even ate chips, which I haven’t done in almost a year, but that has nothing to do with the guide, it’s just that my girls and I enjoyed our free time before exam season started and I went to lots of partys over the last weekends, which explains the alcohol consume. My body still looks better than before, but I think it would look even better if I haven’t eaten  all this stuff. Now I’m back to my healthy eating and I’m feeling so good!

All in all I love the guide! I love Kayla, the workouts and my progress. I won’t quit til I’m done and I think I’ll get the BBG 2.0 too. I’m just half through and I can’t wait to see my final week 12 results!

If you wan’t more regular updates take a look at my Instagram @fitgirlkimi!

Love, Kim xx


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