{EN} ran out of ripe fruit? don’t worry.

I’m in that struggle again – ran out of ripe fruit. Bananas still green, mangoes hard as rock, same with plums, papaya and kiwi. Ugh. So what should I eat now? Of course I won’t hop off the #rawtil4 train, I’m just going for some alternatives. Wanna know which? Read below!

Dates ( & always ripe fruit)

Dates are not only superhealthy (contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium) but also super tasty aaaaand always ripe! At least when you buy them and not get them right from the palm 😀 In addition dates are very high in calories! So you won’t need to have like 1 kilo of them to be satisfied, I like to have around 250g Dates for a monomeal. Thats about 600 calories. I like to buy them fresh, not dried, because they’re a lot softer and also don’t have added sugar or something else.The pit doesn’t bother.

Other ‚always ripe‘ fruits are melons, oranges, grapes, apples and tangerines (and more!) – get those monomeals in!

Frozen fruit

I often forget about nanas in my freezer, maybe you too? Nothing is better than a yummy nicecream! You can also buy frozen fruit at the supermarket, most of them just have berries, but I have also already seen 1kg bags of frozen mango!

Bought smoothies

I always store about three bought smoothies (my favourites are from ‚true fruits‘!) in my fridge. They are not only lifesaver when I run out of fruit, but also when I run out of time. Got up too late? Bought smoothie. Spontaneous meeting? Bought smoothie. No time between work and gym? Bought smoothie. No motivation? Bought smoothie.

Large serving of juice

This is a solution if you are really in difficulty, most bought juices contain not so good ingredients, check it before you buy it! Make sure that you drink enough of it, otherwise you won’t get enough calories in (should be more than 600) and also make sure that it’s vegan (fish oil and gelantin)!


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