{EN} One month HCLF rawtil4!

About one month ago, during my vacation in Lisbon, I read the book „saved by sugar“ by the lovely Tina Grundin (the book is on her website, for free!) and her story amazed me. She’s a HCLF rawtil4 vegan and she inspired me to try the same since I’ve always been struggling with eating enough. Don’t get me wrong, I never had a ‚real‘ ED or starved myself. I ate, just not enough, especially when working out so much.  So, little over one month ago I decided to change. Wanna know how it’s going and what I’ve experienced? Read below 🙂 

First of all I’m gonna explain what a „HCLF rawtil4 vegan“ is. HCLF is short for High Carb Low Fat, means you eat mainly (and A LOT) of carbs and you keep your fat intake low. For best results you should drink minimum 3l water a day and avoid salt. Starving or depriving is not allowed. You eat as much as you want, 2500cals are recommended. I personally do not eat 2500cals a day, not yet, my body isn’t used to that much food, eating that much puts me in pain, but I’m upping my calorie intake little by little everyday. People often wonder about weight gain or weight loss on this lifestyle. There’s only one answer to that: It’s different for everyone. Some people gain weight at first but lose it again after sticking to this lifestyle for a long time, other people do not gain a single pound and again other people start losing weight right from the beginning. But ALL of the people living this lifestyle start seeing amazing physical results sooner or later, without starving or depriving! This lifestyle is also heals your body and mind, I don’t want to go deep into this aspect because I do not need to heal myself from anything and this is an article about MY experiences.

Rawtil4 simply means only eating raw uncooked foods til 4 pm, you can have a cooked (but carb-loaded!) meal after that. You still need to meet your caloric needs, preferably more than that. When living this lifestyle long term (and that’s the point of it, it’s a LIFESTYLE not a diet) you should aim for ~1000cals a meal. Don’t be disappointed when you can’t eat that much right from the beginning. Before starting my breakfast was always only ~400cals, now I’m at 700cals.  Breakfast ideas for ~1000cals are a banana mylkshake (9 nanas, some coconut sugar and water), monomeals (two watermelons; 5 mangoes) or a biiiig smoothie. Try to use high calorie fruits, like bananas and mangoes, that way you save a lot of money. Lunch can be a biiiiig serving of zoodles with a nice dressing (look up fullyrawkristina – she’s got amazing raw lunch recipes!). Dinner can be potato chippes (about 7 potatoes – my fave meal atm!), pasta (~250g) or rice (~250g uncooked). Also important is getting your greens in, my favourite way to do that is having a big green smoothie for breaky or having my rice or potatoes in lettuce wraps topped with a spicy sauce or guac, oh yum.

sweet potato fries        DSC_0003reis + wedges

I personally didn’t gain any weight so far, and I also didn’t lose any.  At the moment I’m not working out due to a small injury I got last week, but I want to start upping my calorie intake even more when starting working out again next week because I want to gain some weight since I’m about 5kgs underweight.

I’ve tried eating fully raw for some times before and I always failed after a few days, I thought it was going to happen again this time but magically it didn’t. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I was so convinced that this lifestyle is the right one for me. I’ve been vegan for 6 months when starting HCLF rawtil4, so had no struggle with giving up animal products.

I was scared to try this lifestyle at first because I heard about skin break outs due to the detoxing, but I didn’t experience any skin problems, in contrary, my skin cleared up! I also stopped using moisturizer since it contains lots of chemical stuff, I only use coconut oil for moisturizing every evening. I changed almost all my cosmetics to natural ones and did the same with shampoo and conditioner.

I feel great! I have so much energy and I’m sleeping so much better, I’m never really hungry, and when I am I do not feel bad for eating anymore. I thought this lifestyle is going to be hard but it seriously is so easy to maintain.

beetroot nicecream 3       DSC_0018        mixed berry nicecream

yes, I like pink food

However, I believe a healthy lifestyle is about balance and not taking food too serious. I don’t care about eating buns at my boyfriends house because there’s no chance for having a big amount of fruits for breakfast. I eat a really really small piece of (dark) chocolate every day, sometimes two. I avoid drinking alcohol, but sometimes I do, and I refuse to regret those nights, I had fun and that’s all what matters. Yes, health is great and important, but so is living your life to the fullest and having some chocolate and a drunk dance with your best friend won’t ever kill you.

Let’s see how I feel living lifestyle, I’ll keep you updated 🙂 Love, Kim xx


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