{EN} roasted pumpkin pasta

This tasted like autumn, give it a try! 

prep time: 10 min.                            cooking/baking time: 30min.                                   total time: 40 min.

You need: (for 1-2 servings)

  • ~200g pasta
  • 1/2 hokkaido pumpkin, seeds removed
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • spices (pepper, chili, rosemary)
  • optional pine and pumpkin seeds


  1. heat up your oven to 200°C
  2. cook pasta according to package
  3. slice up the pumpkin, line the slices on a baking tray and bake for 15-20min. or until easily cuttable, flip the slices halfway through
  4. save three slices and cut the rest in cubes, add the cubes into a blender with a little water and blend until smooth
  5. heat up a large pot (take your pasta pot – less dish washing!) and add the pumkin pureé. Add the spices (I took about 1/2 tsp of each) and garlic, add some water if the sauce is too thick
  6. add the pasta and stir until everything is well combined
  7. cut the remaining pumpkin slices in small cubes and mix it with your pasta
  8. serve immediately and top with pine and pumpkin seeds

enjoy! 🙂 


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