{EN} riceisland – #doyouevenricebrah?

Last week I spontaneously decided to take a short trip to rice island, it’s a nice little island in one of my kitchen drawers – the one where the rice hides to be exact. Curious? Read on.

Hey Loves!

As already stated aboved, I went to riceisland last week. You probably already noticed that it isn’t an actual island, it’s a food thing. Now you may ask, what is this thing about?

Do you know banana island? It’s almost the same with rice. On banana island you eat only bananas (and greens) for a unlimited time, on rice island you eat rice for every meal, preferably without sauces, herbs and spices, but with greens and vegetables. The goal of those food or monomeal islands is to detox your body. Your body has to fight with the digestion of so many different foods daily, food/monomeal islands gives some rest to it. Digesting one type of food like just bananas or just rice is much easier than digesting a pizza which contains a million different ingredients (flour, yeast, spices, tomato sauce, toppings….). Also important here is the aspect of food combining. Fruit is a lot easier to digest than foods like pasta, rice or whatever, if you eat those things with just a little time in between these foods mix up in your belly and the digestion needs to work harder – that’s how bloating arises.

Berry rice
berry rice

I personally allowed myself fruit and sauces on riceisland. Just because I wanted to still enjoy my food, I just can’t enjoy a plain bowl of rice. Of course, my results won’t be too amazing this way but I’m okay with that.

I chose riceisland over banana island because you can create so many different meals with rice (don’t get me wrong, there are also thousand ways to eat bananas – plain, smoothie, nicecream, mylkshake.. ) , so it won’t get boring and you can also eat warm meals, which I like a lot  better, especially in winter.

Most days I had berry rice for breakfast – cooked rice heated up with mixed frozen berries and some vailla soy yoghurt – and a rice dish with an easy sauce for lunch, for dinner I had a big green smoothie nearly everyday, so I won’t miss those greens – they’re important! Even after 6 days, I still like rice. I didn’t get bored of it once. I think on banana island it would be different.

vegan sushi

I ate about 125g (dry weight) rice per meal. At the end of the day I was at about 2000 calories. I still took my supplements (B12 and D). I felt great! I had a light headache on day 2 (Detox, yay!) but it didn’t last too long. I had a lot of energy and I felt more motivated than ever, I was honestly so surprised by that. At the beginning I was scared to get those typical detox symptons (you know, breakouts ugh.), but they didn’t happen. SO RELIEVED. I don’t know if it was because I still ate fruit (and a vegan starbucks flatbread hehe) and sauces – and vegan sushi one day, so glad it fits rice island! But no breakouts don’t mean no changes in my skin – it got better! It’s almost perfectly clean, and with my new tinted day cream on (there will be a post about my skincare and make up routine soon 😉 ) it just looks amaaaazing.

The first 2 days bloating occured. Not all the time, but I still was annoyed by it. But on day 3 it was almost completely gone and on day 4 my belly was perfectly flat. I loved lifting my top and admiring my (coming) abs.

rice parfait

I did not gain weight, nor did I lose weight. Actually, it wan never my goal to change my weight through this island – I just wanted to try it, because I heard good things about it and it did not disappoint me.

I absolutely recommend rice island and I’m sure I will visit it again one day.

Love, Kim xx

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8 thoughts on “{EN} riceisland – #doyouevenricebrah?

  1. Hi Kim, I arrived at Rice Island this morning and was wondering , what your yellow sushi stuffing is? I recognise cucumber and avocado but still am looking for more inspiration.. 🙂


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