{EN} Food Diary USA! #1 – Flight

If you’re following me on Instagram you probably already noticed that I’ve been on a vacation in the US – Western US to be exact. We (my mother, father, brother and I) rented a RV and toured along the west coast. Stop No. 1 was Los Angeles, after that we headed to Boulder City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Malibu (and much more in between) until we returned to L.A. for the last two days.  My parents have been skeptical (a lot) before we left because (as you probably know) I am a vegan and they didn’t know about the food situation here. So if you have the same problem, or if you’re just interested in what I eat on this road trip, read on!

 The flight

Our flight went off on Sunday at 6.20am from Bremen Airport, so we needed to get up quite early – at 3 am, we left our house at 4 am. I spend my Saturday evening with friends, so I’ve gone to bed late, 30 minutes past midnight to be exactly. When my alarm went off I wasn’t hungry at all so of course I ate nothing. I already prepared overnight oats and cut strawberries the day before, I put it all in to an empty dried rasisins package and brought it to the airport with me. This turned out to be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had since all food shops and snack bars at the airport were still closed and I knew there wouldn’t be a chance to get some food until we landed in Amsterdam about 1.5/2 hours later.

Btw excuse the disgusting looking pic – forgot to take a photo beforehand oooopsie.


On the flight to Amsterdam they served breakfast – cheese sandwich. Needless to say, I didn’t eat it. I was still satisfied from my oatmeal and spend the flight looking out of the window, listening to music and fighting with myself not to fall asleep, because I wanted to sleep on the 11-hour-flight to Los Angeles. The flight took only about an hour, so not eating wasn’t that bad.

On Amsterdam Airport I still wasn’t hungry, so I just had a vanilla roibos tea (my fav!) from starbucks and spend the 2 hours waiting time testing perfumes, looking at the chocolate bar and the other interesting food stores there. But shortly before we started I had my hummus toast (but I didn’t take a pic of that hehe)


Soon after we’ve started they already served a snack – salted nuts! I had some of them but gave most of them to my mother since I am trying to avoid salt. But about one hour later I got a little hungry and snacked all my cherry tomatoes and bell pepper away. I brought a lot of food with me because just a few days ago a friend of mine (whos mother is a vegan too) told me that they forgot her vegan food on their flight to the US. Being hungry for 11 hours would be a nightmare to me so I prefered to be prepared. I brought two hummus toasts, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, a nut mix, dried mango, and dried apple.


I called our airline – we traveled with Delta Airlines btw – two weeks before our flight to ask for vegan food, the woman I talked to was very nice and getting vegan food wasn’t a problem at all! At about 12.30 I got my meal before anyone else, I felt kinda weird haha. I got a penne pepperonata with veggies (olives,bell pepper, asparagus, beans, tofu) , it was surprisingly delicious! Alongside with it I had bread, a fruit salad and a little side salad – the side salad was without a dressing so it was pretty dry but I ate it anyway.



11 hours sitting can be extremly long, especially if you’re an active person like I am. I get bored quite easily, that’s why I can’t just sit there 11 hours listening to music and sleeping like my brother did. I only slept for about an hour and read my two magazines in less than 40 minutes. I was extremly happy when I discovered that there are hundreds of movies and  shows on the plane tv (everybody had one) – so I spend the rest of the flight watching all three parts of the Hunger Games. During the first part I enjoyed my dried apple, I always buy the ones from Seeberger because they are not sweetened and there’s also no added oil.


A little later (while watching Catching Fire) I snacked on a handful of nuts – unsalted and without added oil. It was a 200g package, I shared it with my mother but it was still waaaay too much for us. We both try to avoid fat so we didn’t even ate half of it. Bringing food into the US with you is a little complicated so we just left the remaining board on the plane. I HATE WASTING FOOD. But there was no other way :/

Story time: Two years ago I traveled to Paris with my parents and two of my best friends. We went there by car, it was a 8-hour drive, and one of my friends, Katharina, didn’t get up for the WHOLE DRIVE. 8 FREAKING HOURS. That’s what I call a bladder of steel. Anyway, on the flight to L.A. sat a girl next to me who came in, sat down, closed this window thing, and slept, ate and drank for 11 hours without getting up once. Just sleeping, eating, drinking. Only in the las t 30 minutes she woke up, pulled out a make up bag and started refreshing her make-up. I honestly can’t understand how someone can sit still for 11 hours. New queen of bladder.

Later they (suprisingly) served another snack, I got a sandwich with a curry paste and a few veggies on it, again before anyone else. I also got another fruit salad and a vanilla pudding. I only had about three bites of the sandwich, I just couldn’t stand the taste. But the fruit salad and the pudding were quite yummy.


After about an hour I got hungry again so I snacked on dried mango, I absolutely LOVE dried mango and ate the whole package while watching Mockingjay. This was the last thing I ate on the flight, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat my second hummus toast and left it on board. Sadly, only about 20 minuted before I would have finished Mockingjay we landed at LAX.


After arriving at our cute little motel we went to the (really small) center next to it and ate lunner (late lunch/early dinner) at a chinese restaurant. I had wok noodles for only 2$ with a soy sauce and some Sriracha.


We didn’t do much more that day, we were extremly tired (hello jet lag) and exhausted. We just did some shopping, I got a pound strawberries which I enjoyed as a late snack.

All in all it was a pretty healthy day of travelling, although I expected it to be the unhealthiest of all days haha. And I  already planned to watch as much as possible of season 1 of Game of Thrones on the flight back home – already looking forward to it!

Part 2 (Los Angeles) will be coming very soon, so stay tuned!

Love, Kim

IG @shadesofkim fitwithkim.tumblr.com fitwithkim@web.de
IG @shadesofkim fitwithkim.tumblr.com fitwithkim@web.de

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