{EN} Food Diary USA! #2 – Los Angeles

Day 1

Before flying to the US I  googled what kind of restaurants and food shops are near our motel and I was extremly happy when I discovered that there’s a jamba juice right around the corner! Of course I needed to go there at least once so the first L.A. breakfast was a acai bowl topped with banana, blueberries, granola and coconut flakes. It was ice cold, too cold in my opinion but still yummy. My mom got herself a coffee at starbucks and a tea for me, we decided to take things slow and just spend a chilly day in Santa Monica. We thought it would take us not more than an hour to get there but in the end we sat in the bus for 2 full hours,ugh. Nevermind, Santa Monica is incredibly beautiful (a photo FMA will follow)!


When we arrived in Santa Monica breakfast was already 4 hours ago so I snacked on a CLIF blueberry crisp bar while my brother got burger and fries at McDonalds. I know that CLIF bars are also sold in Germany but somehow I never got one, I always forgot about it when I was at the right store. I should have tried them earlier – so yummy! My fave is the chocolate peanut butter one, speaking of peanut butter – I got addicted since being here! It’s everywhere and it’s so delicious! I’ve tried it in Germany before but didn’t like it at all, also I always thought it was way too fatty but I found a low fat alternative, more on that in my next Food Diary (Lake Mead and Nature).


At home I would always feel like eating, I could eat the entire day without stopping once. But here I feel full all the time. I guess it’s the heat. We had a late lunch at a local cafè, we also passed a completely vegan one (with raw meals!) but my family wasn’t into eating there L So at the cafè I ordered the tempeh bowl (turned out it’s a sandwich, surprise suprise), it was labeled vegan on the menu and it wasn’t the only one. In general I think the US is pretty vegan-friendly, you can get vegan versions almost everywhere.


When it got dark we went for a little shopping trip at a nice street in Santa Monica, unfortunately I can’t remember the name. I found a few things I liked, including a cute crop top from Brandy Melville I’m totally in love with. Power shopping leads to a hungry belly so I got a small veggie delite from Subway in wholegrain bread. I was surprised by the variety of veggies they offered. In Germany it’s like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, olives, bell pepper, maybe corn. I can’t remember all the things they had here but THEY HAD AVOCADO WHUUUP WHUUUP. Also my sandwich was way more stuffed than the ones I had in Germany and I think that’s amazing. I think a wholegrain Veggie Delite at Subway is a quite healthy meal on the go. If you want an even healthier version skip the BBQ sauce, but I personally don’t mind a little BBQ sauce every once in a while.

Finding our way back home was kind of an adventure. We ran around Santa Monica for 2 hours looking for the right bus stop and in the end it turned out that it was only 100metres from our starting point. At least I got some extra steps in, right?

After FINALLY arriving at our motel we went to Ralphs to do some shopping. I got fruits, almond milk and oats so I could have my beloved oatmeal the next morning. I also got some dates which I snacked on the walk back to the motel.

Day 2

As already mentioned, I GOT TO EAT OATMEAL OH MY GOD and it was so good. I ate oatmeal every morning for about 3 months now and I seriously am so addicted. Two days without it was hell. When I was at sleepovers in Germany I always brought oats with me so I could have it for breaky, and I bet I am not the only one.  Luckily the motel had a microwave everyone could use so I could enjoy them hot, I topped them with a half pound of strawberries at first but I ate another half pound afterwards. Because strawberries. That’s all. The sun was shining so I could eat it outside next to the pool, this moment was just perfect.


This and the next day were planned for a hop on hop off bus tour all the way through Los Angeles. It was incredibly hot, that’s why I got myself a cold Veggie Harvest juice at Jamba Juice to stay refreshed, but I absolutely don’t recommend it. It tasted really weird and I couldn’t take more than 4 sips. Still shivering when thinking of that taste. Ugh.


That day lunch wasn’t that late. Actually I wasn’t hungry but while touring through Beverly Hills we hopped off the bus to explore Rodeo Drive on out own I spotted a Chipotle and I just HAD TO eat there. I got a bowl with brown rice, white beans, black beans, corn, lettuce, red salsa, green salsa and other things I can’t remember (I basically just told the guy to throw everything vegan in they have). All the things I heard about Chipotle were true – it’s amazing and I surely will go there again, asap!


In the afternoon we visited the Farmer’s Market. We crossed a vegan baking stand there and of course I needed to try something. I shared a thing with my mom what looked like an oreo but with a light cookie and a way more creamy cream. The cookies were soft and that’s what made the whole thing incredibly yummy. I also got a pack of blueberries at a veggie shop there and snacked them right away. After walking around the market and the Grove we continued our hop on hop off tour until we were back at the central point – the Chinese Theatre. I knew that there was a shopping center but I was a little disappointed. I thought there would be way more stores. There was a Victoria’s Secret which had really nice bikinis but unfortunately they didn’t have my size, I need 32DDD but the biggest they had was a DD. I was looking forward to getting a VS Bikini for months and now my dream was shattered. #cry


Anyway, I got hungry. Everything in the center was unhealthy. Everything. We decided to go to a restaurant called Cabo Wabo, it was taco tueday so I would only pay 2$ per taco. I could get vegan veggie tacos but unfortunately they needed to take out the rice because there was chicken in it an apparently they couldn’t prepare rice without chicken (what?). Anyway I ordered three vegan veggie tacos and water. We got free (vegan) nachos  and salsa as an appetizer. I know it’s not healthy at all but I’m on holiday here and I want to enjoy this time and I couldn’t care less about having a little bit too much fat. So I enjoyed those with my mother while my brother and father were still shopping in the center. The tacos were really small and the veggies really fatty, but they always put two wraps around one serving of veggies so I could just split the veggies up and had six tacos in the end! Unfortunately there wasn’t that much taste, so I added some ketchup as well. When we wanted to pay I was surprised by how cheap it was! My mother had only fries (but a large serving!) and we didn’t need to pay for the water so it only was 9$ and I think that’s perfectly okay.



Day 3

My breakfast was the same as the day before… but ugly = no picture.

This was day 2 of the hop on hop off tour and it was pretty stressful, we still had so much left to see and only so little time. We headed to the Hollywood Hills first and explored the Universal Studios.. at least the free stuff (ain’t nobody got money for that). The heat was incredible and it automatically lead to not being hungry at all. So no snacks and no lunch, but lots and lots of water. By the way, if you ever go to California or any other hot place STAY HYDRATED! As soon as I am not drinking enough water I get a headache and my energy gets low. If you struggle to get enough water in there’s already a post on my blog about how to up your water intake.

In the late afternoon we finally arrived in Chinatown, the trip there took longer than expected and the last bus from there left earlier than expected so we only had one hour. We were quite hungry, breakfast was already 7 hours ago. Somehow Chinatown was dead. There was almost no one on the street and most of the restaurants were closed. After looking for a place to eat for like 20 minutes we finally found a little restaurant to eat at. I ordered plain rice and added soy sauce and sriracha. Simple but yummy!


Even the fortune cookie was vegan!


After going back to the central point we went for some more shopping and then went back to the motel. For dinner I got half a watermelon, three medjool dates and a pound of strawberries at Ralphs.


I spent the evening packing my bags because we needed to leave the motel early the next morning. Our next stop was Boulver City (Las Vegas) but only for a night. Stay tuned!

Love , Kim xx

IG @shadesofkim fitwithkim.tumblr.com fitwithkim@web.de
IG @shadesofkim fitwithkim.tumblr.com fitwithkim@web.de

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