{PERSONAL} tumblr tuesday: 17 things I learned by 17

I turned 18 this year and actually wanted to do something like this but forgot about it and never did. This one is from tumblr, from this awesome girl, and it has a lot of points I would also put on my list, but maybe she can put it in even better words. I guess I’ll still do this on my own some day…. Continue reading


{PERSONAL} tumblr tuesday: when the boys come

Heute zeige ich euch eins meiner allerliebsten längeren Tumblr-Gedichte, geschrieben von Caitlyn Siehl, die ohne Witz meiner Meinung nach eine der talentiertesten Writer überhaupt ist. Ihr solltet ihrer Seite unbedingt mal einen Besuch widmen! Ich lese ihre Gedichte schon seit Jahren und ich kann mich in so vielen wiederfinden.

Today I want to show you one of my most favourite long tumblr poems written by Caitlyn Siehl, a more than just talented writer. This was the first poem I ever read of her and I absolutely fell in love with her poems. You should definitely check out her page. I read her poems since years now and I can find pieces of myself in so many of them.  Continue reading